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Fatema (Faye) Samim

Dear Loreta,

In the end, we moved into our new apartment and settled. In fact, your valuable efforts made it possible.

It has been a long and stressful process since November, which we have experienced together. This was the third apartment we decided to rent. It was not possible to lease the other two due to bureaucratic constraints back in Turkey.

You provided all the best options and showed us the apartments that were suitable for my family and budget. You carried out the negotiations with the Landlords smoothly and swiftly. You have always been helpful, tactful, and patient.

I thank you once again for your outstanding service and professionalism. I am delighted to have met such a nice person. I would like to thank Vadim for his support and efforts as well.

Best regards,

Altay Altinors
Permanent Mission of Turkey
The United Nations

My family and I cannot thank Loreta enough for securing the rental at Sutton Court. Getting a temporary furnished rental on short notice with a large dog took a substantial amount of work. I have been a real estate broker for more than forty years. Loreta is a true professional and we were fortunate to have found her. Highest recommendation.

I want to thank Loreta and Nickola for all their hard work in leasing an apartment for my mother. They were tireless and always thoughtful guides through the maze of the New York real estate market!


My experience was unlike all others. Faye acted like she was an old friend who was going to help me find the best place to live within my budget, and she did it. Class act.


Faye went above and beyond to assist me in finding an apartment. She provided all of the necessary information and worked well with my restrictions. Great communication. I intend to use her in the future (if needed) and will be referring others.


Faye was very helpful and efficient in finding me an apartment that fit my budget. She and her whole team were very nice and truly cared about me as the renter. She and her team worked hard until I found an apartment that I liked! I had a very pleasant experience working with her, overall.


After sifting through quite a lot of agent emails and contacts, Faye had been consistently excellent and immediately stood out from the crowd. She responded in a very timely and professional manner and managed to answer all of my questions, which is no small feat as I had many! We were very excited to have Faye and her team help us find our daughter her first NYC apartment.


Working with Faye was wonderful. She was very professional and responsible from day one! I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect apartment, according to my needs, with Faye and her great team. They guided me through the somewhat exhausting process of finding and applying for an apartment in NYC. They made me feel like I was a part of their team, taken care of, and that they were going to do everything possible to help me find just what I needed... and they did! Their communication was always immediate and very helpful. I would, without question, work with them again if I was searching for an apartment in the future. If you are looking for an apartment in NYC, you should definitely work with Faye and her team. They will make it happen!


Faye Samim says real estate to her is "more than just numbers on paper; it's about people, no matter who it is." She absolutely demonstrated this while working together. Faye gave an enormous effort helping my roommate and I secure our first NYC apartment, and I can confidently say it would not have happened without her. She was prompt, professional and highly competent about the leasing process. I would encourage anyone to contact her about finding an apartment.


Faye is amazing. I was so impressed with how responsive she was. She is friendly, efficient, reliable and really cared about me finding the right place, for the right price. A lot of brokers I'd contacted seemed like they didn't have time for me. I wanted to rent from her!


I was in desperate need of a new apartment. I contacted a few brokers and Faye immediately responded. She showed me several apartments within my price range and helped me narrow down the search to a specific neighborhood in Manhattan. We found my dream apartment and Faye immediately got to work with the paperwork. It was a very complicated process, with an enormous amount of paperwork to submit. Faye guided me through every step of the process with patience and complete support. She immediately responded to my questions via email and/or text. She also stayed late at the office awaiting last minute paperwork from my guarantor. I couldn't have succeeded in the apartment search without Faye. She and her team are friendly, positive, helpful, and incredibly efficient. I have already recommended her to friends and hope to use her services again when purchasing my home. I can't thank her enough for all she did.


Faye quickly and courteously saw my need for an apartment and was able to help my roommate and I find one that we LOVED in one showing. Faye and her associates did their best to help my roommate and I navigate the application process and work with us on all aspects of our needs from financial to location. I would highly recommend this agent to anyone seeking an apartment in NYC.


Working with Faye was a pleasure. Faye was a standout: professional and ever so timely and concerned. Although in the end we rented from another company (simply an unexpected connection) Faye provided valuable guidance and genuine concern throughout our search. As a business owner of 30 years, I think it special when I have the opportunity to benefit from a good person such as Faye.


Faye was a wonderful broker to work with in NYC. She was quick, efficient and friendly! When it comes to future apartment hunting, I will definitely utilize her services again!


Faye is absolutely amazing, and working with her was a pleasure. After many tiring hours perusing apartment websites and meeting brokers at various disappointing listings, I messaged Faye and she got back to me in a matter of minutes to set up a consultation. She and her team were incredibly professional, friendly, and accommodating, and I immediately felt at ease with. I knew I could trust them to keep my best interests in mind while finding my roommates and I the best apartment they could. She and her team worked together seamlessly to guide my roommates and I through the process of finding our first apartment. They were able to find us a beautiful apartment that we are extremely happy with. Faye works hard to establish a personal connection with her clients so that she can truly provide them with what they want, and it really pays off - we couldn't have done it without her!


Faye and her team is amazing. I inquired about a listing and she replied to my message promptly! My boyfriend and I flew in on Friday the 7th, and we had an appointment with Faye on the 8th! She was the first realtor we talked to, and the ONLY realtor we needed to talk to.

Her team worked so hard to accommodate our needs. We had a tough situation, but they were able to find us an amazing apartment. We viewed 4-6 apartments on Monday the 10th, and we fell in love with the first apartment Or-Eli showed us on the Wednesday the 12th.

I felt super comfortable discussing everything with Faye's team, they are down to Earth and very kind. Faye and her team have your best interest at heart and do everything in their power to find an apartment that fits all of your needs.

Surprisingly enough, my boyfriend and I were able to sign our lease a WEEK after we landed in NYC, if that's not amazing, I don't know what is. Overall, I am so impressed and thankful for finding Faye on Naked Apartments. I thought finding an apartment in NYC would be a nightmare, but they made everything quick and painless. Without Faye and her team, we wouldn't have our new home.

Thank you all so much!


Faye is an Amazing agent! She is extremely fast and responsive and uses up to date technology to stay in touch with me as an international customer. I presented a tough case as an international student without a US guarantor but it only took Faye a couple of questions to understand my needs. She kept in touch with me and on my first day she took me to see an apartment that I applied for by the end of the day. She had found me the perfect apartment that I fell in love with and no other compares! Faye also kept in touch to insure I settled well, helped me with how to get around and took me to places nearby that I would like. Faye is still extending her services even after her work is done. In a nutshell, Faye is a professional, responsive, nice, helpful, great agent that gets work done instantly and I totally recommend her. Thanks Faye!


It was a pleasure to work with Ms. Samim. She is good at what she does, straightforward, and made the entire process easy.


Faye was prompt, helpful, professional and congenial. She was able to arrange the final steps to obtain an apartment. I will seek her assistance in the future and will refer her as others will be pleased with her services.


Before coming to NY, Faye responded to my e-mails and sent me a lot of options. When I came to NY, we made an appointment. During that appointment I came to understand that she is more than just an agent. She was so kind and friendly. Agents are generally eager to find an apartment for you and they do not take your preferences into account. But Faye's goal is to find an apartment which is suitable for you. During the process both Faye and her team were positive and helpful. Even though I did not rent an apartment from Faye, she guided me through the whole process. This also shows that she is very different than the others. It was very nice to work with her. Thank you for all of your efforts Faye!


Faye made finding an apartment in New York City extremely easy and painless. From the start, she was extremely helpful and flexible with my busy schedule. You can expect her to be very responsive to your inquiries via email, text, or phone. If you want someone to find you a great apartment and deal, contact Faye. I'll be recommending her to any friends or family looking for apartments in NYC in the future.


When I emailed Faye about a particular apartment I was interested in, I wasn't expecting to hear back for a while, since it was a Sunday evening. To my surprise, she responded almost immediately, asking me what I was looking for and what my price range was. Faye was respectful and professional in all of our interactions, and she was incredibly accommodating when I visited the office--offering me water and making sure I was comfortable. Although I did not rent an apartment with her, Faye's expertise and patience definitely made the stressful and hectic process of apartment hunting in NYC relatively worry-free. What I really appreciated was the fact that Faye really listened to me and respected my boundaries. I'd recommend her to someone looking for an apartment in New York City.

Loreta Attard

Loreta made my nerve wrecking experience of moving to New York City a pleasure. She is consistent, caring, dedicated, and great at what she does. I will, and have recommended her to others. I felt lost before finding her, and am so incredibly happy with my apartment, I couldn’t have done it without her! You’ll be lucky to have her!

Buying an apartment in Manhattan was the most serious financial commitment I've ever made in my life. Being a first time homebuyer, it was especially challenging as I was not familiar with the terminology and the whole process of purchasing a coop apartment.

That is why I am feeling enormously grateful for working with Loreta Attard and the entire Samim team at Douglas Elliman. My experience with Loreta exceeded all expectations! I truly believe that her excellent guidance, deep knowledge and expertise helped tremendously in finding the best apartment and my successful purchase.

Right away Loreta was incredibly friendly and took time to sit down with me to determine what kind of apartment would be the best fit. She answered my every question and explained every form and every part of the process very clearly and thoroughly. I couldn’t believe how responsive she was to all of my requests and questions. She really knows far more than I ever hoped to about the process of buying an apartment. Moreover, she is highly attentive to detail.

I really can’t say enough good things about Loreta – she is very knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with her time including mornings, late evenings and weekends over the course of several months. Loreta may be the most patient person I know :) She is completely open to hearing what I had to say and continued to listen wholeheartedly even when the next day I was saying something completely different. Most important to me was the fact, that she put absolutely NO pressure on me and always provided the information in non-judgmental manner. Loreta was always responsive and patient no matter how many questions I asked!

Bottom line – I can’t imagine having a more positive experience working with Loreta Attard and highly recommend her to anyone looking for the peace of mind when buying or renting the best apartment available in New York for the best possible price.

“I am very lucky to work with Loreta. She is very professional, considerate and efficient.

With a 10-minute phone call before our meeting, she has summarized my needs accurately and showed me several satisfactory apartments. To help me make a choice, she showed me the apartments twice based on my requirement (5-6 floors, no elevator) and she had a meeting with the landlord in an extremely cold and windy day to accelerate the process. Based on my situation, she submitted feasible proposals and communicated effectively with the landlord to ensure the signature of the Lease; and updated me timely to keep my mind peaceful.

She (Loreta) has the character to make me trust her in our first meeting, and I sincerely thank her for her work and I definitely will ask her help when I move next time.” -HeLei



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